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JPJ Driving Test

Driving is a skill and JPJ Driving Test is necessary for the purpose of acquiring your Driving License in Malaysia. Only if your License is valid you can drive on the roads freely. Obtaining a driving license is easy if you follow official rules. You just need to enrol yourself in one of the driving schools and the rest of the procedures will be taken care.

The driving school will make the arrangements you require to reach the venue of Malaysia Driving Test. The license will be issued by JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan), the Malaysia Road Transport Agency. The Validity period of the Learners’ driving Licence is 2 years.

About the JPJ Driving Test Malaysia

Once Registration is done with Driving school, the candidate has to partake a 5 hours course, Drivers Education Curriculum Course (KPP01). This course covers the basic curriculum of driving by the instructor.

The candidate is handed over the handbook which is in English/Malay. The handbook comprises topics on Traffic rules, regulations, and subjective understanding of driving on road.
Later Driving school will schedule an appointment from JPJ to attempt the Highway Code Exam, a computerized test conducted at the JPJ recommended centers.

The JPJ Driving Test comprises of 2 parts. In the first part, the candidate is examined for colour blindness. People having colour blindness find it difficult to identify colours and it may be dangerous to drive in such a condition. Such conditions are prone to road accidents. Candidate with colour blindness is not eligible to get a driving license.

The second part delves with the Highway Code Exam which consists of 50 multiple choice questions. The candidate must get 84% and above in the test. Once the JPJ Driving Test
is passed, the candidate can proceed to the next step.


Questions Expected in the JPJ Driving Test Malaysia

JPJ Theory test includes more than 500 questions which may be randomly arranged. To get a hang on all these questions and learn how to answer them you are required to practise these tests.

These test questions may be based on any topics such as JPJ colour tests for Drivers, Traffic Signs, Warning signs, Prohibition signs, Mandatory signs, Information signs, Lane and Roundabout Rules, General knowledge and KEJARA System test.

Type Of Test

Steps to obtain a Malaysia Driving License

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It’s a great deal to master driving skill. Driving License gives you the opportunity to drive confidently on roads. You can even rent a car if you don’t have one and drive. So, know the steps of attaining the licence.

Step1. Register with a driving school: All beginner drivers are supposed to attend the Drivers Education Curriculum Course at a driving school where candidates will learn the theory and practical skills required for driving.

Look for a notable driving school in your locality for receiving quality training. The qualified instructor will guide you to become a responsible driver. After joining you will go to KPP01 or the Kursus Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu.

Step 2. Pass the computerized theory test: The actual driving theory test is computer-based. It consists of 50 Multiple choice questions. To pass you need to get 42 questions right. There 8 questions to be answered in 15 minutes to determine your color blindness. Failing which you will be disqualified.

Step3. Get your Learner Driving License and complete practical lessons

After passing the theory exam you will get your LDL in a week’s time. You have to display the L-plate on your vehicle while driving.

At this level you will have to undergo the KPP02 and practical round with the instructor. The practical driving lessons include knowledge on the parts of the vehicle and how to do safety checks before and after driving.

Following which you need to undergo KPP03. This means to taking practical lessons on actual roads under the guidance of a professional instructor.

Step4. Pass the road test:

Once you have finished the practical lessons, you can proceed to complete the road test.

The driving test is the most nail-biting event. Recall and apply all that is taught during your classes. Be polite to your examiners and confidently showcase your skills. Even if you fail you can retake the exam until you achieve success. Relax and give your best.

Step5. Drive on probationary license for 2 years:

After passing the practical driving test conducted by JPJ you will get the PDL or P-plate, you will be eligible to apply for the CDL.

The last step is to get your Competent Driving License (CDL) by visiting the nearest JPJ office and claim your PDL.

Mock Theory Test

Driving License Categories and Eligibility for Taking JPJ Driving Test

There are different types of driving licenses and the class of vehicles based on the eligibility for taking JPJ Driving Test

  • The eligibility for Class A (Vehicles for Disabled), B2(Motorcycles < 250cc), V, or C (Motorised tricycles) driving License is 16 Years and above.
  • The eligibility for Class D (Manual Cars <3,500kg) or DA (Automatic transmission cars<3500 kg) driving License is 17 years and above.
  • The eligibility for Class E (Trucks) to Class 1 driving license is 21 years old and above.
  • Class B 1- Motorcycles <500cc
  • Class E1 – Trucks with unloaded weight <7,500 kg
  • Class E2- Trucks with unloaded weight not <5000kg
  • F- Tractors with light motorised machines and wheeled <5000kg
  • G- Tractors with Light motorised machines and chained <5000kg
  • H- Tractors with heavy motorised machines and wheeled <5000kg
  • I- Tractors with heavy motorised machines and chained <5000kg.

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